Glass is one of my favorite materials to work with. In addition to it's smooth and shiny look, glass is an abundant and versatile resource. Each glass bottle is rescued from ending up in a landfill and given a new life.

Approximately 10 million tons of glass containers are produced annually in America.* A single glass bottle can take a million years to completely degrade in the ocean.^

*from the Glass Manufacturing Industry Council
^from The Pocket Guide to Marine Debris, published by the Ocean Conservancy


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My workshop is very low tech. Each piece is created with minimal equipment by hand, one at a time. A huge benefit to supporting handmade work is that your product can be easily customized.

Tie your living room together with a unique candle holder in the perfect color. Impress your guests with a customized soap dispenser displaying your favorite flower. Contact me to start a custom project.

New Spice Jars

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When I first began The Bottle Garden, my main focus was to create products that not only looked good, but served a useful purpose. I'm please to announce a new line of salt cellars and spice jars!

Created with The Bottle Garden's characteristic design, these little containers fit a full 8 oz and feature a natural cork top. I'm already using them myself to keep sea salt and crushed pepper next to my stove. It's hard not to keep them all for myself!

New body styles and designs with text are coming soon!